The Assisted Living Facilities Association (ALFA) provides the following range of services.



Setting up guidelines governing the day-to-day operations of ALFs ensures service quality, giving seniors and their families peace of mind. A group of industry experts, academics and healthcare professionals have come together to establish a common set of guidelines that will aid the industry in meeting service standards. These guidelines will be shared through consultancy services, information seminars, etc.


ALFA hopes that when ALFs are set up within the suggested guidelines, the public will be assured of the standard of facilities and services. This will give users of ALF services in Singapore peace of mind. In addition, to ensure that such standards are adhered to in the long term, ALF operators are encouraged to sign up for regular audits and checks conducted by ALFA. Such ALFA-accredited ALFs would have achieved a standard which most users will find acceptable.

Consultancy Services

Keen to start an ALF? If you have the interest and passion to start an ALF, be it big or small, private or charitable, we would like to share our experience and expertise with you.

Liaison Services

Whether you intend to start an ALF, stay in an ALF or work in an ALF or perhaps are able to provide services which are relevant to our clients, ALFA is here to connect all the dots. Check out how you can get involved and fit into the ALF jigsaw in Singapore!

Mediation Services

Services of any nature have the potential to give rise to conflicts and differences of opinion arising from differing expectations. ALFA recognizes the wasted resources and time that can be poured into a lengthy dispute. It is thus offering its services to mediate such disputes through its mediation services thus avoiding further escalation of the problem.

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