Forum: Assisted living is part of the care continuum as a person ages

ALFA director Dr. Belinda WEE has recently responded to a letter on The Straits Times forum, to clarify on the option of assisted living as part of the care continuum as a person ages. The Assisted Living Facilities Association (Alfa) has advocated that assisted living facilities admit seniors who may need help with a maximum…

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符合条件者可结伴申请和抽签 社区关爱组屋优先留给行动不便年长者

首批特别亲乐龄的组屋将在明年2月推出供满65岁的年长者申购,这些组屋单位将融入亲乐龄设计,居民平时可在每层楼的社区空间和左邻右舍交流,还有专人安排看护服务,同时享有简单家居维修、基本体检和24小时应急服务等。 由国家发展部、卫生部和建屋发展局联合推出的社区关爱组屋 (Community Care Apartments) 沿用辅助生活 (assisted living) 的概念,为年长者提供结合住宅和看护模式的全新住房选项。首批组屋将落户武吉巴督西9道。 … 辅助生活设施协会理事会会长黄玉亲医生则说,32平方米的面积让单位打扫起来更轻松,宽敞的社区空间和具吸引力的价格都是社区关爱组屋的优势。 但她提出,入住辅助生活设施的年长者一般有较多看护需求,应为他们提供餐食和清洁等重要服务,而且额外看护服务的收费看似昂贵,一些年长者或为了省钱可能情愿啃饼干度日,并拒绝清洁和洗衣方面的帮助。 黄玉亲也认为,住进社区关爱组屋的年长居民应经由医疗社工准确判断他们的看护需求。 这些组屋可能会被接近退休,但不需要辅助生活服务的年长者占据,导致真正需要这类服务的年长者被拒于门外 辅助生活设施协会理事会会长黄玉亲医生 Read the 联合早报 article here and here.

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CNA938: Healthy living, on your own, in your silver years

Check out CNA’s John Yip’s program on “Healthy living, on your own, in your silver years“, where ALFA director Belinda WEE talks about the perils of seniors living alone, and possible solutions. This interview was broadcasted on 02 Dec 2020 at 1730 hrs.

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Ageing in place and the future of nursing homes

With the rapid increase in the aging population in Singapore (as well as worldwide), it is evident that new housing options are required to allow seniors to age gracefully, and with dignity. Assisted living facilities are one such viable option, for the senior living landscape. The government is encouraging seniors to age in place, and…

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ALFA New Members Meeting – Aug 2020

We had our inaugural new members meeting, on the morning of 01 Aug 2020, where we welcomed our associate and affiliate members. We will be introducing each of our members in greater detail in the upcoming weeks, so do stay tuned! Click here to find out more about how you can get involved in ALFA!

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Sign up as an ALFA Associate/Affiliate Member!

You can now join ALFA as an associate or affiliate member. Our membership term starts every quarter (e.g., Jan 2020, Apr 2020, Jul 2020, and so on), and is renewable on an annual basis. Feel free to check out our constitution and membership agreement. Please fill up the registration form here and we will get…

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