The Assisted Living care model is particularly attractive because it provides an engaging, wholesome environment for seniors. Seniors are invited to partake in the activities of daily living, and to be open to meeting new neighbours. More able-bodied seniors are encouraged to meet their friends, go grocery shopping, cook, exercise, either within the safety of the ALF compound, or accompanied by ALF staff. Thus, ALF care offers the safety of 24hr supervision, should it be required, but also the freedom to carry on activities of daily living. Seniors will be assessed on their suitability for ALFs, and then recommended a suitable living arrangement or viable alternatives.

If you are interested in staying in an ALF, or would like to recommend it to someone you know, how many of the following can you/they do on your/their own? Let us know the results at our contact.

  1. Eating
  2. Bathing/Showering
  3. Grooming/Dressing
  4. Walking
  5. Taking Medications
  6. Going to the toilet